October 31, 2017

Mama Dance ! Music Library track used in latest Samsung ads!

A big shout out to long time Mama Dance composer Matt Gair for having his track “Klipspringer Ukulele” placed in the latest series of Samsung ads. Nicely done Matt!! Check out one of the spots below:

To hear more of Matt’s tracks on the Mama Dance ! Music Library be sure to check out a few of his albums listed below:

Feel Good Funk – From Joburg to LA
A fun-filled Funk-themed album. Some tracks are straight happy, high energy funk and others blend with African styles like Gospel and Maskandi to create a very unique fusion that you won’t find on any other library! Either way it is sure to make you FEEL GOOD!

Feel Good Folk 2 – From Joburg to Notting Hill
The album that originally made James Brown feel good! Okay not really, but it is still a great selection of upbeat folk tracks to follow on from the extremely popular first album. Some Ukes, Banjos, Marimbas and Guitars to make you feel like a room without a roof!

Feel Good Folk – From Cape Town to Kansas
Jam-packed with happy catchy folk rock tunes that will make even the grumpiest grinch feel good!!! Prolific Mama Dance composer and melodic genius, Matt Gair, is back with his best album yet! An ad agency and positive Lifestyle TV producer’s dream album.

Beautiful African Folk 2
Another superb album from popular composer Matthew Gair! It’s filled to the brim with foot-tapping, head-bobbing, smile-on-your-dial, acoustic African tracks played on guitar, marimba and ukulele. These catchy tunes will definitely bring some light-hearted fun to your production.

Beautiful African Folk – Warm & Friendly
For fans of the very successful Easy Folk Pickings series. Extraordinarily beautiful acoustic melodies played on Guitar, Ukulele, Mbira and Marimba covering moods from light-hearted and quirky to peaceful and heart-warming. A ‘Must-Listen’ album!

Author: Jeff Moffatt

Not much of a renaissance man...

April 13, 2015

Atomica Music in action!

Atomica Logo Square (595 x 600)

If you’re looking for top quality international production music look no further than Atomica Music.
With nearly 30,000 tracks, all produced in the last 4 years, their catalogue is a great source for fresh, high quality music.

And the good news is you can access the Atomica Music library right here at www.mamadance.com or contact us directly if you’d prefer to get one of our Music Library hard drives – info@mamadance.com / 021 424 0314

Check out their track “Man or Machine” from the album ATO1301 Sports Slam below in the new Microsoft Surface 3 Announcement:

Author: Jeff Moffatt

Not much of a renaissance man...

November 21, 2013

Composers for Africa scores with another international TVC

Afro Coffee PR edit pic jpg

It’s been another busy year at Mama Dance’s original composition division as demand for their high end advertising scores continues to grow.

International coffee brand AFRO COFFEE, commissioned the company to compose a track for a TVC for the European launch of their new iced coffee product range.

The brief called for an upbeat, fun, catchy South African flavoured track with a modern, fresh feel but which at the same time also had a strong reference to South African heritage. The composition also needed to have both male and female vocals as the TVC is an animation featuring two “Afro Man” and “Afro Lady” characters.

“It’s always great working with international scripts that need African compositions. We got popular Mama Dance composer Ben Amato to work his magic and he came up with a tune that our Austrian client immediately loved. We’re always able to match a brief perfectly with one of the many composers we work closely with” says Mama Dance music guru Jeff Moffatt.

The male vocals were recorded by renowned Congolese musician Mapumba Cilombo at the Mama Dance studios in Cape Town, whilst top SA vocalist Nomasonto Khumalo recorded her lines in Johannesburg with Ben.

“Everything went really smoothly. Ben did a great job of capturing the energy and vibe that Afro Coffee was after and the animation and music worked together brilliantly”, continues Jeff.
“In fact our client was so happy with the track that they asked us to extend it into a full length version that is available for sale on I-Tunes, with all the proceeds going to the local performing arts charity Likhwezi Arts”.

The TVC can be seen below and you can download the full length version “Sweet & Strong” over at http://www.afrocoffee.com/en/the-company/newsroom/sweet-strong/

For more info or to view original composition show reels, contact Craig, Dale or Jeff on +27 21 424 0314 or info@mamadance.com.

Author: Jeff Moffatt

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February 22, 2013

Mama Dance ! Music used in huge SARS “Touching Lives” campaign

We’re delighted to see that a lot of Mama Dance music has been used in the recent SARS campaign – “Touching Lives“.

The campaign was conceived as a way to thank taxpayers and to show how they’re making a positive difference to society in a real and emotional way.

“Touching Lives” focuses on 6 authentic stories from people around South Africa and the positive impact that taxpayers have had on their lives.

Produced by Backyard Productions the campaign has been very well received and was recently awarded an Orchid for Ad of the week. Ad agency Draftfcb handled the online presence and placed the campaign in the media including a heavy flighting schedule on eTV and DSTV /MNET.

You can watch the 6 short documentary videos here or listen to a couple of the tracks that were used from composer Matt Gair below:

Red Dust Rises (He Yaya)

Sun Kissed Moon


Author: Jeff Moffatt

Not much of a renaissance man...