March 2, 2017

New Production Music Label – Blinq Music


We’re really excited to welcome Blinq Music to the Mama Dance family of top quality International production music labels!

Blinq is a Dutch based label with a seriously kick ass catalogue of cutting edge albums all designed to take your productions to the next level.

Check out their quick introduction video below or visit the Mama Dance search site for much more great music from Blinq.

Be A Rebel, Thinq Blinq

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July 27, 2016

Josh Wynter Scores Again!

poster (411 x 600)

A huge shout out to musical wizard and regular Mama Dance composer Josh Wynter for his truly amazing score on the new SA produced film “Nobody’s Died Laughing“.

Josh rounded up some of the best talent Cape Town has to offer (Patrick Goodwin, Francois Arzul, Danielle Asherson, Piet de Beer, Paula Gabriel, Emile de Roubaix, Kristiyan Chernev, Kevin Gibson, Shaun Johannes, Mike Blake, Mike Magner, Ryan Kierman, Nick Green, Stanislav Angelov, Dan Shout and Jonny Dosé) and quite simply knocked it straight out of the park!

The film is a theatrical-action-documentary telling the life story of South African performing artist and activist Pieter-Dirk Uys and features the likes of Charlize Theron, Sophia Loren, David Kramer, Jack Parow, Zolani Mahola (Freshly Ground) and Dame Janet Suzman.
It opens nationwide this Friday 29th July at Nu Metro and Ster Kinekor cinema’s so get out there and check it out!

Josh’s albums on the Mama Dance ! Music Library:

Epic Orchestral: Homelands & Heroes

Uplifting Electro-chestral: Homelands & Heroes II

Gentle Reflections – Homelands & Heroes Vol 3

Electrology – Homelands & Heroes Vol 4

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June 28, 2016

New Production Music Release – Chart Countdown

Brand new from London library Addictive Tracks, Chart Countdown is a superb mix of all of the latest sounds to be found at the top of the pop charts.

Great for ads, trendy lifestyle programming, Fashion TV and much, much more.


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July 2, 2015

New Production Music Release – Space and Story 2 – Wide Horizons

Wide Horizons (600 x 600)

Mama Dance, Africa’s premier production music library, partner with composer/producer Nic Paton to present a formidable collection of production-ready music, the second in the “Space and Story” series.

Entitled “Wide Horizons”, this collection of 17 original compositions is presented in almost 100 unique mixes, catering for every media application.Besides every composition being available in 30 and 60 second and no-beat or no-vocals versions, the original pieces have been greatly enhanced, expanded and remixed as pared-down minimal or ambient alternatives.

Featuring a wide array of exotic and African instruments (including for example the karimba/kalimba, valiha and cittern), much of the music is a synthesis of the deeply African and the universally cinematic. Worth hearing are the impressively original vocals of collaborator Ntutu Nyiki, cinematic vocalisation diva.

African Central Time
Melt (Featuring Ntutu Nyiki)

Wide Horizons” celebrates and invites expansiveness, appealing to a sense of joyous adventure and awe, while also passing beyond the immediate field of normal vision into the darker, more numinous spaces of the soul.

This collection will appeal to myth-makers and dream weavers, those whose trade is travel, nature or the exotic. It will equally appeal to film directors and creative visionaries who need original and compelling World/African soundtracks to support the tales they are telling … “Wide Horizons” creates the sublime spaces that powerful stories demand.

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April 13, 2015

Atomica Music in action!

Atomica Logo Square (595 x 600)

If you’re looking for top quality international production music look no further than Atomica Music.
With nearly 30,000 tracks, all produced in the last 4 years, their catalogue is a great source for fresh, high quality music.

And the good news is you can access the Atomica Music library right here at or contact us directly if you’d prefer to get one of our Music Library hard drives – / 021 424 0314

Check out their track “Man or Machine” from the album ATO1301 Sports Slam below in the new Microsoft Surface 3 Announcement:

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November 21, 2013

Composers for Africa scores with another international TVC

Afro Coffee PR edit pic jpg

It’s been another busy year at Mama Dance’s original composition division as demand for their high end advertising scores continues to grow.

International coffee brand AFRO COFFEE, commissioned the company to compose a track for a TVC for the European launch of their new iced coffee product range.

The brief called for an upbeat, fun, catchy South African flavoured track with a modern, fresh feel but which at the same time also had a strong reference to South African heritage. The composition also needed to have both male and female vocals as the TVC is an animation featuring two “Afro Man” and “Afro Lady” characters.

“It’s always great working with international scripts that need African compositions. We got popular Mama Dance composer Ben Amato to work his magic and he came up with a tune that our Austrian client immediately loved. We’re always able to match a brief perfectly with one of the many composers we work closely with” says Mama Dance music guru Jeff Moffatt.

The male vocals were recorded by renowned Congolese musician Mapumba Cilombo at the Mama Dance studios in Cape Town, whilst top SA vocalist Nomasonto Khumalo recorded her lines in Johannesburg with Ben.

“Everything went really smoothly. Ben did a great job of capturing the energy and vibe that Afro Coffee was after and the animation and music worked together brilliantly”, continues Jeff.
“In fact our client was so happy with the track that they asked us to extend it into a full length version that is available for sale on I-Tunes, with all the proceeds going to the local performing arts charity Likhwezi Arts”.

The TVC can be seen below and you can download the full length version “Sweet & Strong” over at

For more info or to view original composition show reels, contact Craig, Dale or Jeff on +27 21 424 0314 or

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August 27, 2013

Less is often more with music for picture

Cape Town based composer, Nic Paton, has released his 5th album on the popular home-grown Mama Dance ! Music Library.

The latest album, called Pianism, has been described as “Elegant, minimal, flowing piano themes to create space, style and expansiveness, to calm and cleanse, to uplift and affirm, yet hinting at deeper, darker wells of emotion and intrigue.”

“Over the past few years we received many requests from our clients for sparse, but very moving, piano pieces – so we learnt quickly that less is very often more!” says Craig McGahey, director of Mama Dance. “Luckily Nic must have come to the same conclusion because he arrived to a listening session with the most beautiful selection of piano compositions.”

Says Nic, “About 18 months ago I just found myself very drawn to our piano, which we inherited. It’s a Grotrian Steinweg, and just a lot of pianistic music started coming out. I’m quite a good librarian. If I come up with an idea I’ll put it onto an MP3 recorder, make sure that I keep it and then come and put it into digital format and then work on it. In one sense, I follow the muse and all I can say is that at a particular time, the muse took me to the piano.”

Nic’s previous four albums have all been very well received by Mama Dance clients. Wilderness Within and Space & Story cover many of the bases for emotional programming and advertising and have scored a huge amount of usages both in South Africa and overseas through a distribution deal with Sonoton. His tracks on the energetic Sports Power and quirky kiddie’s album Twana Toons further show off his talents as a prolific composer, well-skilled in a variety of moods and styles.

The success of the Pianism has been immediate with an all Africa usage by HIV awareness NGO the Egmont Trust and very impressive download stats from the Mama Dance music search website in just a few weeks since its release.

The album can be streamed and downloaded at our site or give the team at Mama Dance a shout and they will organise a hard drive with all of the Mama Dance libraries for you.

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October 27, 2012

Composers for Africa

If you’re looking for some awesome high-end original music composition, then look no further than Composers for Africa.

Check out the video clip below for a quick taste of what we’re all about!


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