Music Licensing and Clearances for Advertising, Feature films and TV series

We offer RETAINERS to our clients – a monthly fee that guarantees you plenty of our time for commercial and library music searches, clearances, ballpark music costings, research and composition pitches.

Music Research

We have great relationships with all the major and indie Record companies and Music publishers. We chat to them on a daily basis – either to help us with specific music searches or to negotiate music clearances for our clients.

Contact us to discuss our COMBO DEALS – eg Original music composition of logo tune and themes PLUS unlimited production music usage for your Doccies, Films or TV series.

We specialise in African production music (also known as library and mood music) – a quick and affordable way to access a large variety of high quality music for your productions.

We also co ordinate final sound mixes and VO recordings, live music recordings and quality sound design.

Music Searches (major, indie and production music)

We know all the best session musicians in South Africa – we’ve been working with them for over 15 years.